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WFE Safety is Europe’s leading providers of Specialist Safety Equipment. Our range covers both on and offshore working environments with fully integrated safety systems. With equipment available for both purchase and hire we are certain we can cater for all your safety needs.

WFE Safety  has a fully accredited MCA (Maritime Coastgaurd Agency) service station. Qualified Equipment Inspectors will service and certify your equipment in-house and provide detailed advice on how to care for your equipment. The intention is to help prolong an items usability thus reducing unnecessary waste of resources.
Expert product and practical knowledge will enable us to continue expanding our product range, developing unique and exclusive safety equipment for commercial and leisure industries. Supplying these industries ensure the highest quality equipment at the most reasonable prices.
WFE Safety is the developer and manufacturer of the
This brand was specifically designed with years of site experience in the offshore renewable industry. Leading the way in the industry providing quality products that are not only robust they are the most accepted brand in the industry today.