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Mayday Signalling Mirror

Mayday Signalling Mirror£4.03

Robust mirror approved for marine and military use.

Drager CF15 Escape Kit

Drager CF15 Escape Kit£261.25

The Dräger Saver CF constant flow Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments.

Globestock G-Saver Rescue Tripod

Globestock G-Saver Rescue Tripod£541.00

The G.Tripod is a quality tripod that is both durable and versatile. It is designed for use within confined spaces and down-hole applications

Scott Elsa 15B Escape Set

Scott Elsa 15B Escape Set£264.00

The ELSA (Emergency life support apparatus) hood is considered the world's leading constant- flow escape system designed for rapid escape from hazardous marine and industrial situations.

G-Saver II 14M with Rescue Ability

G-Saver II 14M with Rescue Ability£735.00

The G.Saver II is a retractable fall arrest device which features a combined rescue winch to raise or lower the user to safety, should a fall occur

1882700 Arco GO/RT Hi-Vis Launderable Cargo Trouser

1882700 Arco GO/RT Hi-Vis Launderable Cargo Trouser£33.00

Combining the benefits of launderable fabric and tape, these trousers also incorporate many features.



Lifejacket with integrated safety harness. Designed for work offshore with full MED & SOLAS Cretification